Chateau Restaurant À la carte




    Blanched green asparagus, fresh goat cheese, radishes, roasted hazelnuts

    Smoked fresh salmon, avocado mayonnaise, wild herbs

    Fine duck paté, fig-onion chutney, toasted sourdough bread

    Beef sirloin croquettes, marinated cucumbers with chili and fresh coriander

    Chateau beef tartare, sourdough bread toasted in lard



     Beef consommé, meat croquette, sugar snap peas, root vegetables

    „Beskydy Kulajda“ with wild mushrooms, poached egg

    Green pea cream soup with wasabi and pickled ginger

    Main Course



    Fish of the day with herb sauce and summer vegetables

    Piri Piri shrimps, cherry tomatoes, homemade focaccia

    Chicken supreme with herb crust, blanched pea, mashed potatoes

    Czech rabbit with spinach veloute, potato fondant

    Pork pluma with sage butter, burnt onion puree and groat cassoulet

    „Top blade“ beef strip loin, horseradish velouté, buttered gnocchi

    Veal loin with cauliflower puree, glazed colored cauliflower with roasted hazelnuts

    Matured beef neck hamburger, cheddar cheese, bacon, red onion, homemade French fries and BBQ mayonnaise.

    (Vegetarian version with grilled sheep cheese from the Jeseniky Mts


    Beef roll with creamy souce, dumpling, herb sponge, cranberries

    Matured beef loin steak, pepper sauce, potato fondant, green beans

    Asparagus risotto, special poached egg

    Spaghetti alla chitarra aglio olio e peperoncino

    Potato gnocchetti with basil, zucchini and tomatoes

    Small mixed salad

    Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast in herbs and garlic

    Shredded green salad with radishes, marinated salmon, pea vinaigrette

    Children´s Meals

    Fried chicken nuggets,mashed potatoes,home made compote

    Pasta with baked tomato souce 



    Belgian chocolate fondant, wildberries sorbet

    White chocolate mousse, strawberry consommé, pistachio wafer

    Lemon tarte

    Homemade sorbet and icecream

    Selection of French cheeses